Telangana Chief Minister Sri K Chandra Shekar Rao inaugurated Centenary Celebrations of RBVRR Educational Society on 22nd August 2017.

Welcome to Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Educational Society

RAJA BAHADUR VENKATA RAMA REDDY (OBE) Born in a peasant family in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana, elevated from police sub-inspector (Amin) level to kotwal of police (Commissioner of Police) Hyderabad, the second most powerful officer in those days (next to P.M. in the year 1920). He served as kotwal of police Hyderabad for about 14 years during H.E.H. the Nizams regime. He tackled communal problems efficiently and maintained communal harmony among different religions like Muslims, Chritians and Hindus and people in different linguistic background like Kannadigas, Maharastrians etc. He was an ideal officer regarded by Muslims as well as Hindus. He was a strong man, silent but observant, modest in manners and calm. He was great visionary and encouraged co-operative movement.
His messages are mainly for banning of liquors and encouragement of Girl education and establishments of schools for girls in rural areas. He was a doyen among social reformers and educationists of the day. He strongly fought against untouchability and helped financially many S.C. hostels in Hyderabad. He established many schools including one Girls high school at Narayanguda. A womens college is also established at Narayanguda Hyderabad in the name Raja Bahadur. Universities are conducting memorial lectures every year in memory of Raja Bahadur. Established two hostels i.e. for Boys and Girl students in the year 1918 & 1933 respectively for the benefit of those who come from rural areas to Hyderabad to pursue their studies. Accommodation and boarding is being provided to students in these two Hostels irrespective of caste/creed at affordable cost.
He was president of Krishna Devarayala Andhra Bhasha Nilyam Apart police job, he was entrusted with about 31 other responsibilities during HEH the Nizams regime Some of them are Member of legislature from 1934 to1940, Examiner of Municipal Judicial and revenue officers, Member of city improvement Board, Member of committee for prevention of plague, Member of Agriculture Development Society, Chairman of the commission of enquiry into indebtedness of Sahibjadas, Member of advisory committee on sarfekas, Chairman of the reception committee for the visit of the prince of Wales, Member of organizing committee of silver jubilee of HEH the Nizam.
In recognition of his functional efficiency, HEH the Nizam awarded him the title of Raja Bahadur. Managed the arrangements for the state visits of prince Edward and Prince of Wales in 1931 and the viceroy Lord Reading during the same period. His services were also recognized by Sir.George, British Empire with the title of Order of the British Empire (OBE)during the year 1931.
A.P. Police Academy has been re-named as Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy A.P.Police Academy vide Government of AP.Home (P.S. & C) Department G.O.Ms.No.83 Dated:14.03.2013 in recognitation of the exemplary services rendered by Raja Badadur as erstwise kotwal commissioner of police of Hyderabad state.
Government of A.P.Home (WNT) Department vide G.O.Rt.No.1341 dated:01.06.2013 have instituted the award of Late Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Gold Medal and cash award of Rs.5,000/- to award outgoing probationary Deputy superintendent of police in every batch, who has shown best all-round performance in the induction training programme being conducted by RBVRR AP police academy Himayatsagar Hyderabad, for the directly recruited.
The statue of Raja Bahadur has been installed on 30.10.2013 by .A.P.Government at RBVRR A.P Police Academy in recognition of Raj Bahadurs services to police department, which was unveiled by His excellency the Governor of Andhra Pradesh Sri.E.S.L.Narasimhan.
About the Society:
The RAJA BAHADUR VENKATA RAMA REDDY HOSTEL(Later Converted to Educational Society) was established in the year 1918 by a great visionary LateRAJA BAHADUR VENKATA RAMA REDDY, the then Commissioner of Police during the days of Nizam of Hyderabad.
The RAJA BAHADUR VENKATA RAMA REDDY HOSTEL has completed 98Yrs. Of the existence. As a mark of its glorious service to the society, the Board of Management of the Educational Society celebrated Platinum Jubilee Celebration in 1994, an occasion for the institution to re-dedicate itself to the further growth of Hostel and as well as the Education of Social relevance. The Society is also planning to celebrate centunary celebrations in the year 2018.
This hostel has produced Engineers, Doctors and Advocates, great administrators besides men of many other professions. Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao, former Prime Minister of India, Sri B. Satyanarayana Reddy, former Governor of Uttar Pradesh and Orissa, Late Dr. M. Chenna Reddy, former Governor of Tamil Nadu, Sri Ravy Narayan Reddy, Late Prof G. Ram Reddy, Chairman, UGC and Justice A.Seetharam Reddy, Former Lokayukata, are some of the great personalities who were boarders of this Hostel when they were students. There are many IAS & IPS officers who were the boarders of this Hostel.

News & Events Centenary CelebrationsAugust 22nd
     Dr A. Ragupathi Reddy (President)
     Sri M. Papa Reddy (Vice- President)
     Sri K. Venkat Reddy (Secretary)
     Sri S. Hanuma Reddy(Joint Secretary)
     Sri K. Matta Reddy(Treasurer)
     Smt M. Bharathi(Member)
     Dr K. Chandrashekar Reddy (Member)
     Sri. P. Dayakar Reddy (Member)
     Dr G. Gopal Reddy(Member)
     Sri M. Raghunandhan Reddy (Member)
     Smt P. Swaroopa Rani (Member)
     Smt A. Sukanya Reddy (Member)
     Dr C. Vasundhara(Member)
     Sri M. Venkata Ranga Reddy (Member)
     Sri M. Venkat Srinivas Reddy (Member)

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