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The RBVRR Educational Society Management was established a residential model high school at wlliaumkonda(vi) kothkota(md) Mahaboobnagar(Dist) birth place of founder of the society i.e Late Sri Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Garu.

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The School at Williamkonda is gaining strength every year. This year it has reached the optimum level with strength reaching 650. All of us are aware that system of adoption of student from less fortunate families was introduced six years ago. Each year the number of boarders is increasing from 71 during the year 2003-04, the number increased to 166 during the year 2004-05 and this year the number reached 261. The number of adoption of students started with eight first years, it was 58 last year and this year it is 60. Entire amount is being met from the donations collected for the said purpose only.

The management taken up a permanent project i.e. adopting the poor & rural boys or girls to give free education from 1st class to 10th class by creating the corpus fund and the same will be deposited in the bank for Williamkonda. Students sponsorship from the interest accrued there on so for 35 lakhs was collected and kept in the fixed deposit.(Donors List)

Sri J.Vikram Deve Rao, Secretary Chaitanya Memorial Trust was donated an amount of Rs. 35 lakhs for construction of building in the name of Sri Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Educational Society.

To improve teaching standards we are planning to introduce Audio Visual Classes for the benefit of students. We have already purchased C.D’s for the courses from Class-I to X in all subjects and the required equipment will be provided from next academic year.

The Board of Management is of the opinion to restrict the intake of students up to 300 only for the present, with this back ground we are of the opinion that admission to the school should be from Class-III onwards only. This year we are planning not to admit Class-I students and from next year Class-II Students.

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