Telangana Chief Minister Sri K Chandra Shekar Rao to inaugurate Centenary Celebrations of RBVRR Educational Society

About us

     Dr A.Ragupathi Reddy (President)
     Sri. M.Papa Reddy (Vice- President)
     Sri. Kundavaram Venkat Reddy(Secretary)
     Sri. S.Hanuma Reddy (Joint Secretary)
     Sri. K.Matta Reddy (Treasurer)
     Smt. P.Swaroopa Rani (Member)
     Smt. Aluka Sukanya Reddy (Member)
     Dr. C. Vasundhara Reddy (Member)
     Smt. M.Bharathi (Member)
     Sri. P. Dayakar Reddy (Member)
     Prof. G. Gopal Reddy (Member)
     Prof. K. Chandra Sekhar Reddy (Member)
     Sri. M.Raghunandan Reddy (Member)
     Sri. M. Venkata Ranga Reddy (Member)
     Sri.M.Venkat Srinivas Reddy (Member)

The RBVR Reddy Boys hostel today has 178 rooms which accommodate 500 Boys. In addition, we have several other buildings for Administration, Library, Dining Hall etc. The Library of the Hostel has about 60,000 volumes on its racks. The Library has excellent upto date Books on Engineering, Technology & Medicine. The Library has also a big reading room. We get a large number of Daily News Papers, Weekly’s and monthly magazines. 

         Along with education for boys the need for establishing a Hostel for Girls also was felt by Raja Bahadur and a Girls hostel was started in the year 1933. Today the Girls Hostel accommodates about 350 Girls. These two institutions are the premier institutions in the city of Hyderabad catering the needs of the students coming from rural areas. The hostels are run on no profit no loss basis and the fee charged compared to other hostels is very low and made easily accessible to students coming from rural areas. 

RBVRR Model High School Williamkonda, Dist.Mahabubnagar was established in the year 1995-96 in an area of 32 acres with the main objective of providing quality education to the rural poor students at affordable cost. Fee charged is very low compared to any residential school. Every possible care is being taken to maintain high academic standards.

The RBVR Reddy Educational Society has established MCA College in the year 2002-03 and MBA Course for the academic year 2004-05 in the Boys Hostel premises.         

         Now that there is lot of pressure for accommodation, the society is planning to extend its hostels to meet the growing demand in the outskirts of the city. Responding to our requests the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Govt. Telangana announced recently alloting 10 acres of goverment land and Rs 10 Crores for construction of Hostels in outskirts of city.          

         Vocational Training Institute, Ramchandrapuram Village, Kondurg Mandal, Mahabubnagar Dist With the help of Swamy Ramananda Teertha Institute of Rural Development the society has been running training programmes in tailoring, embroidery and motor vehicle driving. The trained women of the school are able to  run their own tailoring units as professionals and stand on their own feet. Heavy motor vehicle driving programmes of 30 days duration imparted to the unemployed rural youth. Society is keen on running more vocational courses and approached the Swamy Ramananda Teertha Institute for sanction of additional courses for the benefit of rural women and youth. Response is still awaited.         

 The Society extends freeships/half freeships and scholarships valued over Rs.30  to Rs.35.0 lakhs every year from the interest accrued on corpus fund built up over years with the donations of philanthropists, as well as rental income of the society. 

Integrated Development plan of Rayanapeta Village, birth place of Raja Bahadur. The Society has commissioned and got prepared an integrated development plan of Rayanapet Village under 'Grama Jyothi Scheme'.  This envisages an outlay of Rs.2.33 crores over 5 year period. The Society having adopted the village, plans to raise funds from Government agencies, MPLAD, philanthropists and other funding agencies.

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